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Consulting: building a resume

Attached are a few sample resumes. I suggest finding a template that fits your experience levels, downloading it, and then editing it. Browse through the resumes to find strong keywords, ways of summarizing information, etc.

A few resume tricks:

  • If you need more space, put your personal information in the header. Although in Word the font will be a different color, when you convert it to a PDF you won't be able to tell (See "Sample Resume (Senior)" for an example)

  • Always quantify when possible: do not say "I raised money" say "I raised $300 in a 2 week time period" or something like that :)

  • Sure you should try to do chronological order, but for clubs and activities there is usually some leeway, so put most impactful first (where you might be an officer). But for jobs, keep it chronological.

Sample Resume (Senior): This is a resume for senior year. It will be more compact than a sophomore or junior year resume. To fill up space, I recommend increasing the font.

Sample Resume (Senior)
Download DOCX • 38KB


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