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Terry Student Researchers

Terry Student Researchers is a student organization focused on research and creating knowledge on issues affecting the University of Georgia campus and the local Athens community through semester-long research projects.

Coding Station

How does Terry Student Researchers operate?

Terry Student Researchers manages several research projects each semester. Each project is either designed by a current TSR member or developed in partnership with another student organization that has requested to work with us. TSR members collaborate with each other to complete each project. You do not need to be a Terry major to join!

New members who join TSR are onboarded onto an existing project that matches their interests and lets them work on the skills they are trying to develop. Members meet with the project manager to determine their desired weekly time commitment.

Existing members have the opportunity to become a project manager themselves after 1 semester participating as a researcher on a project.

Latest Updates

We are recruiting!

Terry Student Researchers is currently recruiting new members. While we are a Terry organization, you do not have to be part of the Terry College of Business to join. Please click on the link below to see how you can join.

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